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Do you have hundreds of emails in your inbox folder? They are old enough but you can't delete business correspondence
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22 June 2011

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This is a software tool that can convert emails into documents in RTF, PDF and TXT format for future reference. This reduces the load on the mail folders which tend to make the Outlook mail client slower.

When you have many mail messages in the mail client, the program tends to slow down. Yet, deleting business communication is not a solution, as you are required to keep the business communications intact. This software provides a solution to that problem. You can convert the mail messages into documents in RTF, TXT, DOC, HTML and PDF formats. You can turn the mails into images in TIFF format too. These then can easily be stored in other folders. These folder can then be organized on the basis of line of business, or client or whatever organization makes sense for you. Attachments can be extracted when you convert emails to HTML. Total Mail Converter can be used in batch mode to convert a large number of mails that you want to archive.

The program is able to handle mail client Thunderbird, The Bat! besides the Outlook. When you export email elements for conversion, you can specify if you want sender, Recipient, Date, Subject, or Body. Attachment extraction can be done in one of several ways. You can simply extract them and store in a separate folder. It is possible to convert them to the format of the email. In case of images you can even have them inserted into the source document. This software addresses a real problem. This is a nice workable solution for the email problem offered by the tool. So, if you are burdened with this kind of a problem, this tool can be very handy.

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Do you have hundreds of emails in your inbox folder? The more emails you store the slower your work is. They are old enough but you can't delete business correspondence. Total Mail Converter can convert your emails to rtf, txt, pdf or htm. You can keep them in a separate folder on your pc and refer to it when necessary. You select items to export: Sender, Recipient, Date, Subject, or Body. Attachments can be saved into the same or a new folder. Total Mail Converter features a batch mode so you can convert hundreds of emails at a time. Total Mail Converter is the most elegant solution to safely store old emails.
Total Mail Converter
Total Mail Converter
Version 2.2
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